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This is our blog.


New Blog

So we bought a house! Wheee! And that means we no longer live in Oak Park! Booooo. And super sadness. But we decided to start a new blog dedicated to our new house and our new life in our new house. Lots of new!

Check us out at www.remodernranch.com! And feel free to peruse our old life to your heart’s content, of course.


And we’ve also moved all of our old posts to the new blog.


My First View-Master Reel!

Dale got me a 3D camera for my birthday this year and I finally pulled together my FIRST set of images to create a reel! I am uploading the reel to Image3D.com right now! I’ll let you know how it goes. Since I can’t show everybody my new reel I figured I’d post the images and captions here in anaglyph 3D.

CHECK IT OUT! And click in the image to go full sized.


Mini-Golf Classic Round 2

I’m not saying you should bet on Dale. But you prolly should.

Pirate’s Cove, Petoskey, MI.


What you saw was the planet Venus.

Dale took a few pics of Venus in transit.

We went to the Naperville Astronomy Club’s meet-up. Dale is a member and several of the club members had their day time telescopes set up with little projectors so everybody could get a peak at Venus as it made it’s tiny black dot way across the sun. This is a telescope (and its owner) outfitted for solar viewing. The yellow thing? Sun. The big black dot? Venus.

Being the total dork that I am, I spent the whole  afternoon reciting scenes from one of my favorite X-Files episodes.

After staring at Venus through a variety of devices that would keep us from burning our eyes out our sockets? We got sushi with our friend Anne.


Graduation–Quick Picture Post

So I graduated and turned 40 at the beginning of May. Hard to believe that was already more than a month ago. This year has been insane. I’m pretty sure it was January just three weeks ago.

I actually attended graduation, which was surprising. Here I am, peaking at Dale through a sea of graduation caps. It actually ended up being a really fun day. Heather came from Traverse City and Rebecca hung out and we had a Mexican restaurant feast and margaritas (it was also Cinco de Mayo).

Thanks so everyone along who supported me throughout grad school, Dale in particular. It was a bit of a harder slog than I expected in some way but also fun and rewarding in others. We’re certainly racing onto the next phase of our lives: home ownership!



Home Sweet Wheaton…

We put in an offer on a house! And, after some intense negotiations led by our realtor, an agreement was reached.

It’s a little Brady Bunch but we have Big Plans for it!

We’re pretty excited and terrified. Sadly, it means we’re leaving Oak Park–and probably will have to change blogs since we won’t be in Oak Park anymore. We’re moving to Wheaton! More details to come (though we won’t take possession until September).



Venus in Transit

Went to the Naperville Astronomy club’s Venus in transit viewing tonight! Neat!

That little black dot on the sun is Venus.


First Game of the Season

Our first mini golf game of the season–exhibition only, no wagering!–just happened. Dale won this one. My game fell apart in the back 9 while Dale hit his stride with back-to-back hole in ones. Or is it holes in one? Or holes in ones?

I’m on holiday so I’m not looking it up.


Live blogging


Dale’s dad says our blog needs to be updated in a timely manner! So I’m live blogging from the middle of Wisconsin. This happened 5 minutes ago.


Winter 2011–Worst Blogger Ever, As I said!

Dale’s mom, Jackie, came to visit in December. We took her to some fun, traditional Chicago Christmas events! This is us (as seen reflected in a mirror) picking out ornaments at one of my favorite Chicago traditions–the Christkindle market.

Who doesn’t love an outdoor winter market?

We also took her to lunch at the Walnut Room at Macy’s–Marshall Fields!–downtown.

We took the quickest of trips back to Flint for Christmas. We were there barely 48 hours.

Like any good parents, we were excited to get home and give Molly her presents! She was excited, obviously.

Dale had so much fun taking these pictures that I have to post the whole series. Molly removes the bow…

What is it!?

Ooh, new glasses! A gift from Grandma Jackie!

Already wearing her new glasses…

And onto the next present.

And what could it be?

It was a whole new outfit! This pic is hilarious creepy. Dale LOVED setting it up. Ha!