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Worst Blogger Ever?

That’s me. Last year I was…not into blogging, I guess! So I thought I’d put up a few photos Dale gave me that I never got around to posting so I can move forward as a better blogger post graduate school!

Last year…

Dale’s cousin Erin came to visit with her whole family–husband Jerry, and sons Connor and Logan. We had a lovely visit!

Dale and I made quick trip to Minnesota’s North Shore in July! It was lovely. We stayed in Grand Marais, Minnesota. It was during a pretty serious heat wave in Chicago. We lucked out and enjoyed 70-something weather along Lake Superior.


Lake Superior was soooo beautiful in July! We spent the day on Isle Royale and it was gorgeous. The boat ride back? Memorable in a bad way. My tummy does flip flops just thinking of it!

In August, Betsy, Bryan & their kids–Sophie, Owen & Fern came to visit. Such a bunch of cuties. We had a fantastic tea at American Girl.

Fern at The Cheesecake Factory.

When the girls headed to American Girl, Bryan and Owen got to enjoy opening weekend at the new Lego store next door. They got to put some pieces together that would become part of the store’s flagship display.

Betsy, Fern, Sophie and I enjoyed tea at American Girl. And Dale and I brought home a new member of the family: Molly!

Me & Molly. She’s the best.

We also went to the park, and Sophie showed off her mad playground skills.

More in the following post…


Christmas Dinner

We had a great trip back to Michigan between Christmas and New Year’s but we somehow didn’t take any pictures–ridiculous, right?

Dale snapped a few of Christmas dinner at my Aunt Diane and Uncle Randy’s house…

Aunt Diane, baking biscuits

Aunt Diane’s mom–Grandma still going strong! Love her apron!

Look at the gorgeous table setting!

The ladies fussing over the fabulous meal they’re preparing.

Uncle Randy is always manning the video camera!

The super cute Christmas tree!

Dale liked his feast so much he took a picture of it!


Sushi Boats and Mini Golf

Watch the sushi boats go by!

We recently invited ourselves out to our friend Anne’s neck of the woods to check out the sushi boats in St. Charles at a cute sushi restaurant/Japanese steakhouse.

You sit at a bar and the little boats go by and you snatch the food you want off of the lil’ boats. Scooby is there for your protection (and he’s wearing a plastic cap to keep hair out of the food).

The sushi making chefs will make anything you ask, put it on a little plate and hand it to you. Then, at the end of the meal, they simply add up your empty plates and charge you per plate. Very cute!

After dinner we enjoyed a round of mini-golf! Round Two in our summer-long quest for mini-golf dominance.

My favorite hole at the Stone Creek course in Geneva was the barn! It featured actual plants and veggies that would be grown locally. So that’s real corn growing there. Very adorable.
And, of course, Dale won! I tied with Anne, which made me feel slightly better about it all.

Dale-2, Rebecca-0.


Wisconsin Road Trip

Dale and I love a good road trip. We get in the car and just drive. I got the love of road trips from my grandma Mary Ann (mom’s mom) and Dale got it from his grandparents (dad’s parents), too!

On Saturday Dale had a hankering to hit the open road and he decided we should go to Milwaukee (and if I had said no he would have just annoyed me around the house all day with his restlessness slowly turning to crabbiness).

Dale had hoped to meet up with his friend Gary who lives in Milwaukee (but we know him from back in the Flint days). Since this was a spur-of-the-moment trip, Gary was busy–and his mom has been ill–so we wish him (and her) well!

We took our sweet time getting to Milwaukee from Oak Park. We drove through Racine and up to Milwaukee.
And we spotted a lighthouse along the way!

We also spotted one of the stranger houses I’ve seen lately! There is a house just outside Milwaukee that features a strange assortment of pop culture icons and oddities, including a real Big Boy mounted on the roof of their garage–and a Hamburglar nearby! Check out the roadside curiosities blog for full coverage of the wacky house–it’s craziness!

When we finally got to downtown Milwaukee it was imperative we go to the Bronze Fonz–a life-sized statue of Arthur “The Fonz” Fonzerelli himself! Needless to say I was thrilled! And it turns out The Fonz is not nearly as intimidating in real life as he was back in his heyday! And Dale could totally take the Fonz in a fight, obviously.

After visiting Fonzie, Dale suggested we visit the Third Ward–Milwaukee’s burgeoning upscale arts district. Lots of adorable shops and nice restaurants. Even a fantastic, huge upscale grocery market! We went for an early dinner at a restaurant called Swig–it was really adorable and beautifully designed. And the food was good, too!

Dale took his camera, of course and even got a rare shot of me (I’m a pretty boring subject at this point for poor Dale).

We really liked the Third Ward and I practically had to drag out of that restaurant!

On the way home we got cheese. It was a trip Wisconsin!
We had to.

Once home we feasted on the cheese–it was an early dinner like I said–and watched some TV. It was a great little adventure.


Vintage Dishes…

Dale and I share a well-known (among our friends and family) love of retro and vintage things (particularly things with a midcentury modern aesthetic–in case you want to get us something!) and our dear friends Lara & Trish (mom and daughter) generously offered us Trish’s mom’s set of dishes from the 1950s. We already use vintage dishes everyday and were very interested! These are the dishes–they are ADORABLE! Pink, with a black and white pinecone/nature theme. They were produced by Taylor Smith Taylor and are the Pink Dwarf Pine design.

LOVE THEM! Thanks Trish & Lara for thinking of us and giving us such a lovely set!


New Sushi House!

A big event for us in Oak Park. Our favorite suburban sushi chain has moved into Oak Park. Sushi House is always tasty! It just so happens to be located at the end of our block!

They don’t have an official sign up yet but we were amused by the temporary sign…

The dining area is lovely–bamboo and neutral tones with splashes of red and orange.

We’ve already been twice–we love the sushi rolls!