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Worst Blogger Ever?

That’s me. Last year I was…not into blogging, I guess! So I thought I’d put up a few photos Dale gave me that I never got around to posting so I can move forward as a better blogger post graduate school!

Last year…

Dale’s cousin Erin came to visit with her whole family–husband Jerry, and sons Connor and Logan. We had a lovely visit!

Dale and I made quick trip to Minnesota’s North Shore in July! It was lovely. We stayed in Grand Marais, Minnesota. It was during a pretty serious heat wave in Chicago. We lucked out and enjoyed 70-something weather along Lake Superior.


Lake Superior was soooo beautiful in July! We spent the day on Isle Royale and it was gorgeous. The boat ride back? Memorable in a bad way. My tummy does flip flops just thinking of it!

In August, Betsy, Bryan & their kids–Sophie, Owen & Fern came to visit. Such a bunch of cuties. We had a fantastic tea at American Girl.

Fern at The Cheesecake Factory.

When the girls headed to American Girl, Bryan and Owen got to enjoy opening weekend at the new Lego store next door. They got to put some pieces together that would become part of the store’s flagship display.

Betsy, Fern, Sophie and I enjoyed tea at American Girl. And Dale and I brought home a new member of the family: Molly!

Me & Molly. She’s the best.

We also went to the park, and Sophie showed off her mad playground skills.

More in the following post…


What the hell have we been up to?

Lots! But I never seem to spend time blogging about it. So let’s do a round up!

Waaay back in February my cousin Randy came to visit and brought his sons Colton and Jack! They are great kids (and welcomed their new little brother Matthew this summer). While they were here we took them to Shedd Aquarium and the Museum of Science and Industry.

In April we painted our living room (after having a hole in our ceiling for two months that our crap-ass landlords wouldn’t take care of because the former owners were in bankruptcy. To celebrate having a ceiling we painted! And it looks ADORABLE (in my humble opinion).

I love the red wall. But I also love that I broke with tradition and made a bold color choice! Red, yellow/green, and dark blue. And it works, very weirdly. I used my color wheel!

 In May I turned 39 (*gasp*) and wrapped up Year Two of Graduate School! Only one year to go! I had to make a poster board presentation. Had never done that before and mine turned out bee-yoo-ti-ful! I did it on Frank Lloyd Wright’s Home and Studio.

Dale has had a busy summer, to say the least. He’s been building a huge photography studio. This is what it started out as! This is what it looked like back in May when he purchased the materials for the build out.

Dale’s pretty handy! He built an infinity wall. This is the bare bones.

In June my dear friends Sarah and Betsy came to visit. And I got the bright idea to dye my hair red. And it turned pink. For real. I had read dye all over my skin so I had had to hide it with a scarf. Might be the last time I dye my hair while drinking wine with friends. Might not be! Life is short. I’m thinking blue hair for my 40th.

While the girls were here we went to Ravinia to see The Go-Go’s. Rebecca P. tagged along and that was fun! And, as always, it was a feast!

We went on an architecture tour and went to Navy Pier to get some Ryba’s Fudge. We were fudge girls together in 1993! Which makes me 87 years old.

Throughout the spring Monty and Bela continued on being adorable. Blurry because it was taken with my camera phone.

We had a few other adventures, too, but I don’t have good pics of those so it’s my loss. And yours. Sadness. More updates to come…


Birthday at Medieval Times!

For my 38th birthday I decided I wanted to go to Medieval Times! So a few friends kindly agreed to come along…

Lara and Tony were there! Lara’s looking hot, isn’t she?

Dale managed to drink A LOT of margaritas, starting with this giant 40 ounce goblet right there.

Rebecca & Pat were there, too! Loved the flower in Rebecca’s hair. Adorable.

We also invited Lara’s parents–Trish and Rudy! Lara and Trish brought plastic silverware and napkins–I love them for that! You see, you eat with your hands at Medieval Times!

In addition to a tasty bunch of hand-eaten foods? You get a spectacular show!

It’s filled with romance, horses and feats of daring! And you get to cheer on the Knight that your section of the theater.

We got lucky! We cheered on the Green Knight–he’s the villain and gets lots of time in the stadium. And he was cute, too. I cheered him like it was my job (and it was).

A picture of all the fellas! It was a pretty fun time. I think a few doubting Thomases in the crowd didn’t think it would be as awesome as it was (but I secretly knew it would be all along).

Any ideas for next year?


Dale’s Easter Trip to Colorado

Dale spent Easter weekend in Colorado with some of his oldest and best friends (I went to Lara and Tony’s house–thanks for the feast, L&T!). Here is a shot he took while they were zooming on into town!

A gorgeous shot taken from the balcony of their condo rental!

Dale, Chase & Chris took a drive through the mountains and jumped out to get a photo near the Loveland Pass.

Dale and Chase and U.S. Dept. of Agriculture marker.

Someone is holding Dale’s camera. He’s very comfortable with that, obviously. Chase, Chris and Dale met up with another of their nearest and dearest (and the Best Man at our wedding) Greg! He was working on a snowboarding event at Copper Mountain.

Mountains everywhere! Even grocery runs have spectacular scenery in Colorado.

A wintry view from the ski lift. I imagine the weekend went just like the one in that movie Hot Tub Time Machine.

Chase & Chris posing politely for Dale.

Colorado is just rotten with mountains, I guess.


A little snow hut along Copper Mountain.

Gearing up for more extreme winter sports! My guess is that they came home a lot more sore than they would have 15 years ago.

Dale had a GREAT time and wants to take up skiing again. He also enjoyed the generosity of his good friend Chase, who made much of the weekend possible! Thanks, Chase!


Flashback…Sarah's Wedding!

My lame cat photos have prompted Dale to give up the goods! Also, he’s on holiday and finally had some time to breathe! At any rate, I wanted to share some photos from my dear friend Sarah’s wedding from a few weeks back! She was quite the beautiful and sophisticated bride! I was sitting next to my dear friend Betsy and we were just chatting casually and then when Sarah come down the aisle we both burst into tears–we laughed and looked at each other and wondered where in the hell those tears came from! Who knew we were such softies?

Sarah and her new husband Bruce looked very happy! We were very excited to be able to share the day with them.

The first kiss! It was hilarious. He just kept kissing her and she started to laugh and he just kept on smooching. Adorable.

We blew bubbles at the newlyweds as they came out of the church. Despite being a late fall day the weather was quite mild–a perfect day for a wedding!

They came out and greeted the guests before going back inside for portraits.

Of course, Betsy and I cornered Sarah for the perennial Mackinac Girls photo. We’re still adorable, even after all these years! I’ll have to post a pic of us back in ’93 if I ever get around to scanning all those photos in!

A quick portrait of the happy couple and we were off to the dinner reception.

Here’s Sarah with her cutie-pie flower girls!

A pretty, perfect cake…

ended up on the groom’s face!

The food was fab, the wine was divine, and getting to spend a nice long dinner with Betsy and Bryan–not to mention sharing in Sarah and Bruce’s big day!–made this a great highlight to a wonderful year!


Meghan's Visit

Our dear friend Meghan came to visit a few weeks back and we had a really nice time. We went to the Renegade Craft Fair on one day and to the Art Institute of Chicago the next. This is Meghan in front of the crazy huge Blue Marlin!

Meghan is a graphic designer but had never been to the Art Institute. She helped us have a greater appreciation for it, I think. This is a detail of the famous Nighthawks paintings, part of the permanent collection.

She particularly liked this one (and many others).

Dale took his own “artsy” shot in the new Modern Wing.

We had a really nice visit but we’re now buried in work and school!


Glen's Visit

The last weekend of August our friend Glen came to visit. This is my very favorite photo of him going big disco in front of the Cloud Gate in downtown Chicago! We took him around town and then went on an architecture tour along the river.

A photo of the Merchandise Mart from the river–once the largest building in the world by square footage. Four million square feet!

River City is a wacky building!

Some of the sights along the architecture tour.

We also took Glen for Chicago-style hot dogs and we watched a hilarious British comedy is brought for us called The I.T. Crowd. It was a nice visit.


A Busy Hosting Season Begins…


Heather came to visit this past weekend and I got to have some quality time with two of my best girlfriends. Since Heather lives in northern Michigan and the Rebeccas live in the Chicago area we don’t get to hang as much as we used to but I love to see her and spend some time catching up. It was a great time. This photo is from our dinner on Saturday night–we had great food and fine wine in Little Italy. Thanks for coming to visit Heather!


4th of July Weekend

Chase and his girlfriend Dawn came to visit on the 4th of July weekend. Chase had the brilliant idea of going on a sunset cruise to watch the fireworks! It was awesome.

We met up with them at Cafe Iberico downtown for tapas and then headed to the boat launch at Michigan Ave.
It was a gorgeous night. We took a quick trip up the river before heading out onto the water.

It was a gorgeous night for fireworks. We took the boat up the river and then out into the bay.

Almost as soon as the sun set the fireworks started.

There was quite a song and dance show on the boat. Dale made a friend that enjoyed singing along to Neil Diamond’s “America” as much as he does.

The fireworks are meant to be seen from the water, I am convinced.

On our way back into the lock and then into the river. We had a great night! It was a ton of fun.

On the fourth itself, we had a quiet day topped off with watching the Oak Park fireworks with our friends The Praters. Dale took some pics of the fireworks and posted them to his facebook page. Check them out here.


Last Weekend

Last weekend was pretty fabulous. We had Dale’s friend Matt’s 40th birthday party–sorry, no pics! And on Sunday we had Margaux’s baptism, which was great! You can check out Dale’s photo gallery of the happening here.

The yummy cake!

Miss Margaux, getting her baptism on!