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Christmas Dinner

We had a great trip back to Michigan between Christmas and New Year’s but we somehow didn’t take any pictures–ridiculous, right?

Dale snapped a few of Christmas dinner at my Aunt Diane and Uncle Randy’s house…

Aunt Diane, baking biscuits

Aunt Diane’s mom–Grandma still going strong! Love her apron!

Look at the gorgeous table setting!

The ladies fussing over the fabulous meal they’re preparing.

Uncle Randy is always manning the video camera!

The super cute Christmas tree!

Dale liked his feast so much he took a picture of it!


O, Christmas Tree!

We went to Richardson’s Tree Farm the day after Thanksgiving (we went to Trish & Rudy’s for dinner and it was fabulous–thanks for the invite!). It’s a super cute tree farm. And on the tractor ride to the back 40 we saw a guy who was taking his task a little too seriously–he had a generator and an electric saw. A bit of overkill, yes?

Dale was hunting the old-fashioned way: with a saw.

Here’s a video of Dale taking down his tree! Hee! That’s me yelling, “Timber!”

Dale with his kill!

Mounting his kill on the car.

Once we got home we put the decorations up. This included the silver tinsel tree that we put up in the dining room. Sidney quickly curled up under it.

I put up my mom’s hand-painted Christmas village. I love it!

Monty and Sidney pretty much set up shop under the fake tree. Not sure why. I guess they like to get hair on my cross stitch handiwork.

And finally! The Main Event! It’s our Christmas tree for 2010! She’s a cutie.



Dale and I hadn’t carved pumpkins in awhile–and we’d done really elaborate ones last time (in 2005–we hadn’t cut a pumpkin since we moved here). So we decided to take inspiration from The Great Pumpkin. We paused the DVD and picked out our two favorite jack-0-lanterns from the Charlie Brown classic and ended up with these:

Sitting in front of our door.


We don't want to take down the Christmas tree…

Nobody wanted to take down the Christmas tree. Could you take the tree down with a kitty this sad about it? Of course not!

So we left the house yesterday and didn’t get home until about 9:30 with one final, epic distraction:Needless to say? Tree is still up!


A Blue Moon

Hey look! It’s a blue moon. The moon is full and crazy bright tonight–as is the moon over my tiny village! Ha! Happy New Year, people!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope nothing awkward happens at your Thanksgiving dinner!


Happy Halloween!

So my plan was to have hilarious pictures of the cats in the bee costume I bought them but they kind of weren’t going for it. Poor Bella has been sick so I didn’t torture him but a minute (his little flu virus explains why he was glazed over and didn’t care about the hat so much).

This is the only picture of Monty I could get where he didn’t look either suicidal or homicidal. So we’ll go with it…

As always Sidney takes one for the team! He stood upright, didn’t look murderous or suicidal (just slightly mortified) and purred and went with it!



4th of July Weekend

Chase and his girlfriend Dawn came to visit on the 4th of July weekend. Chase had the brilliant idea of going on a sunset cruise to watch the fireworks! It was awesome.

We met up with them at Cafe Iberico downtown for tapas and then headed to the boat launch at Michigan Ave.
It was a gorgeous night. We took a quick trip up the river before heading out onto the water.

It was a gorgeous night for fireworks. We took the boat up the river and then out into the bay.

Almost as soon as the sun set the fireworks started.

There was quite a song and dance show on the boat. Dale made a friend that enjoyed singing along to Neil Diamond’s “America” as much as he does.

The fireworks are meant to be seen from the water, I am convinced.

On our way back into the lock and then into the river. We had a great night! It was a ton of fun.

On the fourth itself, we had a quiet day topped off with watching the Oak Park fireworks with our friends The Praters. Dale took some pics of the fireworks and posted them to his facebook page. Check them out here.


A Busy April

This picture makes me laugh. I took it almost a month ago–it’s me and Dale and the kitties sitting on the sofa on a Sunday morning–and we looked JUST THE SAME this morning. So, you know, if you want to picture us on a quiet day at home? This is it. Anyway, lots of updating to do today…

Lara & Tony

Belle, wearing her Bunny Scarf!

So we’ve been busy bees! We went to Lara and Tony and Belle’s for Easter and it was a fabulous afternoon. I played Wii for the first time. I won a game! I’m a better virtual bowler than a real bowler. I swiped these photos from Rebecca! Thanks, Ree.


Happy Easter, Charlie Brown!

Happy Easter! We’re headed to Lara and Tony’s house this afternoon. Hope you all have a lovely spring day!