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Science Storms

Recently Dale and I checked out the new exhibit on the Science of Storms at the Museum of Science and Industry. It’s a really cool exhibit. Dale took a few pics.

Static electricity! Wheee!

A giant Tesla coil on the ceiling of the exhibit.

Should have taken video of this one. It rotates at different speeds to simulate avalanches or something. It was pretty gigantic and awesome.

The centerpiece of the exhibit is an indoor tornado that you can control with buttons! Neat!

Crowd milling about tornado. Just another day at the Museum of Science!


February Updatey-ness

February was pretty quiet…

Monty was bored.

So was Dale…so I got him an ice cream maker. It has gotten quite the work out since then!

To relieve the boredom we took a quick trip to the Museum of Science and Industry to see a crazy replica of the White House. They wouldn’t let us take photos of that so I snapped photos of this crazy dress instead:

It was lit up and it the lights would run and shift like a wacky string of Christmas lights!


A Day at the Musuem of Science and Industry with Dale's Family

 Dale’s mom Jackie and brother Wayne came to visit. Wayne brought Lauren and Ian along and we all went to see the Harry Potter Exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry. Ian is a big fan of Harry Potter. Sadly, we couldn’t take any picture of the inside of the exhibit. However, Ian came dressed as Harry Potter and he got to put on the Sorting Hat and was placed in Harry’s own house, Gryffindor!
 Here’s Ian dressed as Harry casting a spell in front of the bewitched car from one of the Harry Potter movies.
 We also enjoyed the rest of the musuem. This is Lauren hanging out on Boeing 727.
Ian fits neatly in the 727!
There was also a sweet exhibit of landmark pieces of architecture–made from LEGOs! So fun. This is Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water.
And these are the most iconic buildings in Chicago–both those that exist and those that are under construction. Pretty cool.
Wayne showing Ian the inner workings of a real space shuttle at the museum.
Lauren and Ian checking out the model trains. 
They stayed for the weekend so more pics to come!


Camping Weekend

Dale and I went camping last weekend and hit up a few of Southwestern Wisconsin’s tourist attractions. We took so many pics I thought we should break up the blog posts. Even before we got to campsite we stopped in at a place called Little Norway.

Most of the buildings on site are part of an old settlement of Norwegians. This building has an adorable grass roof.

The interior spaces feature a collection of artifacts that show what life was like for the settlers. They made everything–from their homes to every tool within, including the bucket and shovels pictured here.

The real highlight of the trip is the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition Norway Pavilion. It is one of only a handful of buildings that survive that were at the famed World’s Fair. I recently read Devil in the White City–a book all about the fair–and was excited to be inside the building. The building was built in Norway, disassembled and moved to Chicago for the exhibit. After the exposition, it was disassembled again and moved to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, by one of the Wrigleys. The Wrigleys donated the building to Little Norway with the condition it must be open to the public. It was disassembled again and finally moved (and re-assembled) at its permanent home in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin! *whew*

It’s very dark inside but Dale’s magical photography brought the building to life for me.

Dale snapped a pic of me snapping a pic (I like to take pictures of tiny, odd things).

I liked these Norwegian dolls with their sly little sideways glances!

Some Norwegian artifacts that are housed in the Norwegian Pavilion.

Apparently, some dignitaries and kings have come over the years and left gifts behind. I liked this one very much.

The door and the floors are all original–the place is in incredible shape for being created as a temporary exhibit. Apparently the Norwegian people took their pavilion very seriously!

Finally, on our way out of town Dale surprised me with a little gift! It’s little Swedish superstar Pippi Longstocking! I LOVED Pippi as a little girl. I remember watching her adventures as a little kid and adored how she exhibited super strength, sass and was smarter than all the grown-ups. It’s been a hoot posing her.


Chicago Cultural Center Marilyn Monroe Exhibit

We recently discovered the Chicago Cultural Center. Very neat place. It’s always free and they have a calendar of events every month. Dale and I went to see the Marilyn Monroe-themed exhibit Life as a Legend.

The exhibit featured many of the most famous photos of Marilyn but, more than that, the exhibit focused on art inspired by Marilyn’s iconic face and fame.

These two were my favorites. The one on the right is called Marilyn Lichtenstein as it shows Marilyn against one of Roy Lichtenstein’s famous screenprints.

Very good for a free exhibit. The culture center also features the largest Tiffany glass dome in existence and was a stop for the public art project “The Red Ball.” I’ll be posting about those soon!


Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle

Hugely dorky post ahead… Click on the photos for larger versions of the images.

Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle is a major attraction at the Museum of Science and Industry and one of my favorite things. I love miniatures! And Dale awesomely took a bunch of photos of the dollhouse for me–it’s behind thick plastic in a very dark room so he took photos so I could see things up close! Yay! Every little room has a bunch of little stories!
The chapel organ. To the right of the organ is a candelabra and in the middle is a real diamond–it was in Colleen Moore’s mother’s engagement ring.
The dining room with King Arthur’s Round Table in the center. The plates and tiny silver wear is all made of real gold. The glasses are crystal.
The Drawing Room . . . The floor is rose quartz and jade and the chandelier is made with real diamonds, emeralds, and pearls.
Another shot of the drawing room–see the mural of Cinderella running away painted on the wall to the left of the fireplace?

The Great Hall features many tiny treasures including Knights in shining armor that once belonged to Rudolph Valentino and hard-carved ancient vases.
In the kitchen you’ll find Royal Doulton china with the Queen of England’s crest on it. Only two sets of this tiny china set were made–one for Colleen Moore and one for the Queen of England’s doll house.
The library features tiny furniture for the fairies to lounge on and read. The books are all real and many of them are gifts from prominent authors of the day with mini versions of their books.
The Fairy Prince’s Bedroom features Excalibur’s sword–and a “bear” rug made with mice teeth!
The Prince’s Bathroom is made of alabaster and features real sapphires.
The Princess’s Bedroom is spectacular! Sleeping Beauty’s bed sits off to the right and the chairs–center of the photo–are made of platinum, diamond, and emerald earrings. The floor is Mother of Pearl.
The Magic Garden features a weeping willow tree that actually weeps.And that’s the Fairy Castle! I’m a dork.


The Glass Experience

Dale and I went to one of our favorite places–the Museum of Science & Industry–for the The Glass Experience. Check out the chandeliers.

The first section of the exhibit involved examples of glass and it’s innumerable applications. This is a paperweight that looks like a snowglobe. I LOVE it, especially the little lady standing in the snow.

Eeek! Glass eyeballs!

Rolling Rock glass bottle form.

There was also an art glass exhibit featuring the work of the famous glass blowing artist Dale Chihuly.

There was a sea of huge Chihuly decorative bowls.

There were also artisans on hand working on real stained-glass projects.

Restoring stained glass if a good deal like putting together a glass jigsaw puzzle.

Antique stained glass lamp.

A huge decorative glass piece balances precariously on a tiny stem.

And finally there was a real live glass blowing exhibit. Pretty neat!

Dale was also nice enough to take a ton of photos of the Fairy Castle–but there are so many and I love that miniature house so much that I think that’s a separate post!


Star Wars & Museum of Science & Industry

Dale and I decided to get a one-year membership to the Museum of Science & Industry. You may recall we went once last year and had a blast! However, the museum is huge so we didn’t see everything. It’s also rather pricey if you opt to enjoy the special exhibits. So we got a family membership–come visit, we’ll get you in!

Anyway, we went a couple of weeks ago for the first time with our membership and had a great day. We enjoyed the special Star Wars exhibit. You can check out the entire Star Wars gallery by clicking here.

We have photos of tons of Star Wars props and costumes–check it out!

There are also some shots of the real Aurora 7 Space Capsule.

I’m sure we’ll be boring you with more photos of that place all year long! But it’s such a great place.


Museum of Science & Industry Part 3

The Museum of Science & Insdustry has a massive model train set-up that shows how important rail is to the region and how it connects Chicago to the rest of the country. From the balcony, near the Boeing 727 exhibit, you can see the plane flying over the little city below. Too cute!

At street level the scaled-down Chicago is adorable!

Look at it! It goes on for miles. There are many landmark buildings and it gives a flavor of typical Chicago neighborhoods.

See the blue windows on the left side of the street? Those are meant to represent this building, which I talked about in this post!

Another shot of downtown Chicago! Trains are a very important part of life in Chicago. It sure makes it easier for us to get around.

We live on the Green Line. The trains represented in the Chicago model include the Green and Red Lines!

From the city, the trains spread out to the countryside, showing unusual terrain.

Trains move through the farm land! I LOVE this picture. It looks so charming and tiny!

From the balcony we got a shot of the spectacular bridge that separates the two sections of the model railroad.

Finally, we end up in Seattle! Isn’t this cute? I’ve been to Seattle and it looks just like this! Ha!

Next time we go, I’m setting up the tripod and taking pictures of Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle! That was pretty awesome. Check it out here.


Museum of Science & Industry Part 2

In the Toy Making factory, you can watch a toy–called the Gravitron–as it makes its way from assembly to packaging. You can also have yours customized (we picked the name Monty but don’t tell the other cats).

The museum of Science & Industry featured a huge selection of robot toys and a couple of bonuses–like the robot above. It’s a Sentinel featured in the Matrix movies. Weird!

This is a model of a submarine launching a missile! Dale loved it because it was in plastic and the missile has cotton wrapped around the base to simulate the foam of the water. It was a neat little model.

The petroleum exhibit had a small room that illustrated the refinery process. Dale though the bubbles were neat!

Another great interactive opportunity! Dale got to ride a segway for the first time. He was super excited though the guide gal was a bit over protective.