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Happy Hour

We met up with some pals for a happy hour a few days back. This is our friend Anne. I worked with her at my last job.

This is Tara, our dear downstairs neighbor, and Stephanie–both former coworkers of Rebecca’s!

And a bonus of picture of Tara!


Pat's 40th Birthday Party–Surprise!

Last night we had a lovely time at our friend Pat’s 40th birthday party. It was a surprise party thrown by his wife (and my BFF) Rebecca!

Pat’s a great guy–just look at him!–and we were happy to spend the evening celebrating in his honor!

Dale took some photos, of course, and you can check out the gallery for Pat’s party by clicking here. But I took this photo of Dale–and since he’s both camera shy and reluctant to smile I think this one is extra special! He’s smiling and at the camera!