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Graduation–Quick Picture Post

So I graduated and turned 40 at the beginning of May. Hard to believe that was already more than a month ago. This year has been insane. I’m pretty sure it was January just three weeks ago.

I actually attended graduation, which was surprising. Here I am, peaking at Dale through a sea of graduation caps. It actually ended up being a really fun day. Heather came from Traverse City and Rebecca hung out and we had a Mexican restaurant feast and margaritas (it was also Cinco de Mayo).

Thanks so everyone along who supported me throughout grad school, Dale in particular. It was a bit of a harder slog than I expected in some way but also fun and rewarding in others. We’re certainly racing onto the next phase of our lives: home ownership!



My New Angus Cattle Poster Collection…

So I’ve been picking up these Angus cattle posters painted by Frank C. Murphy on eBay. It’s an affliction! These are simple snapshots that don’t show the true fabulousness of these posters. Anyway, I wanted pics of all the ones I have in one place (so I don’t end up buying duplicates). Fun times!


Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio

I started volunteering at the Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio in Oak Park this summer. It was quite the intensive training process but all I’ve got is time, right? Anyway, at the end of the summer they throw a party for volunteers and I got my graduation certificate. And now I volunteer to give home and neighborhood tours one day a month.

Let me know if you want to take my tour!


I ran my first 5K

I posted about this on Facebook but I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to archive it here! So I thought I’d add it…

I ran two 5Ks this fall. The Makin’ Tracks 5K and the FLW Festival of Races 5K.

Running a 5K is on my list of  things to do before I turn 40–and it’s done! Yes. Twice! I only have pictures from the first one, however. Dale was happy to meet up with me at a few points.

This is me coming in at the finish line. It was a pretty great experience. I liked the Makin’ Tracks run more than the FLW run for a variety of reasons, not to mention the genuine enthusiasm of the crowd.

Race day winnings!



I mean to post this awhile back but since it’s a wintery day, thought I’d share. My co-worker Silvia took this photo from our office window with her iPhone–we love to see the bean in every kind of weather!



Rebecca had the fabulous idea to get tix to see 80s icons Pat Benatar and Blondie at the Ravinia Festival, a fun outdoor amphitheater. I would post pictures of Rebecca and I at the concert but we were just eating nonstop and sweating profusely. It was kind of gross but we didn’t care once we were tipsy.

Anyway, the adorable Donnas opened the show and then Pat Benatar played a set. It was a bit disappointing. Pat was just sort of dowdy and sang most of her songs down tempo. However! She has still has an amazing voice. No question!

Finally, it was Blondie’s job to salvage the evening and girlfriend was FIERCE. She rocked, she rolled, she made us wish we were as cool as she is now let alone when we hit our 60s!!

She was 10 kinds of badass!


Rebecca's Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday! And to celebrate Dale took me to the Tiki Terrace! A fabulous Polynesian-themed restaurant in the suburbs. it was a HOOT. Check out the fabulous decor! Those Easter Island dudes are scary!

That’s right. I’m now 37. I treated myself to an expensive haircut with highlights and Dale got me the adorable necklace I’m wearing in this picture–sadly you can barely see it. Trust me–it’s ADORABLE.
This is a picture I took of Dale, wherein I was trying to replicate my Signature(TM) Pose! It pretty much worked.

We had some cocktails–Dale’s glass had tiny naked girls on it!–and we enjoyed some Taro Chips–don’t know what they are but they were tasty!

Our friends Lara and Tony were kind enough to come out and celebrate my birthday with us! Rebecca and Pat would have come had they not had a family thing on the same night.

Just as we wrapped up our entrees, the floor show started! It last for about an hour and involved lots of dancing, some jokes and general shenanigans.

During the show I was totally hijacked into getting on stage. They suddenly announced: Will tonight’s birthday people get on stage? REBECCA! Where is Rebecca!” So I went up to hula and then–then–they announced that you didn’t have to come on stage. Grr.

Anyway, it was a hoot. I hula’d with my co-birthdayers. Dale took a little video and this pic sums it up: I spent the entire dance biting my lip in concentration and completely missing every move I was supposed to make and ended up just looking confused and swaying my hands back and forth! Hee! It was a fun time!


Shelf Life

I was wandering through a book store killing time a few weeks back and I came across a book I worked on at my last job sitting on the clearance shelf. On this one I edited the book and picked out many of the photos that appear in it. And I started to think that (1) I worked on a lot of stupid books and (2) now that I’m back in business magazine publishing I don’t get the kick of seeing the books I worked on in the bookstore as I kick around on the weekends.

So I started to wander through the store and look for books I’ve worked on. I proofread the book on the left and did both copyediting and proofreading on the book on the right.

I did a copyedit on the above. It was pretty cheesy but the first-time author was really nice. I think she’s already got a second book out.

Sexy coupons! Can you believe I once did most all of the work in organizing a meeting called “Coupon World Domination”? Yeah, me neither. So, I had a hand in working on many of those, Glow-in-the-Dark Sex Coupons is a personal favorite. That’s right; they really glow!

I worked on the reissues of all three of these. Had to work with the authors, the art directors and did some proofreading (varying levels) on each of these three. And the little coupons tucked in between, too.

And I worked with both of these authors–I think I did a read on the middle one but, honestly, I don’t entirely remember! Hee!

Anyway, I had a lot of fun working on these kinds (nonfiction and fiction romance) books.


Awesome Anniversary Weekend!

Last weekend Dale and I celebrated our sixth anniversary as old married people! We had a great weekend. We saw Ben Folds in concert on Friday night and had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. We slept in on Saturday and then went for a day trip to Michigan. We love road trips.

We stopped in South Haven and had ice cream.

The have a cute beach and nice little waterfront community.

Dale took a couple of photos, of course.

Then we headed a few miles up the road to Saugatuck–a very cute little town on the Kalamazoo River. We went for a walk along the boardwalk and stopped in a few shops.

We also went to the beach and enjoyed a little walk on the shore. Dale took some photos (below) and I took a photo of Dale taking photos…

Dale was enamored with this sweet vintage Mini Cooper.

He also enjoyed taking pictures of the partially deserted beach.

We wrapped up our day with dinner in Douglas (right next door to Saugatuck) at the Wild Dog Grille. It was an unusually mild October day and we sat on the little side patio that buts up against an adorable little shop.

After the sun set the restaurant set up this little fire pit to keep us all toasty.

At the aforementioned adorable little shop, I picked up a set of these candle holders. I love them!


Marshall Field's vs. Macy's

I work right next door to the legendary State St. Marshall Field’s building. Two years ago on Tuesday Macy’s officially took over Marshall Field’s stores and changed the name–and Chicagoans were NOT amused. Sales at Field’s are down–way down–and on the anniversary date a few faithful shoppers protested the name change in spite of it happening two years ago!

The above photo gives an overview of the scene–minor compared to the previous protests. Most people are just protesting by sending their hard-earned money elsewhere.

This is my favorite pic. The motto of Marshall Field’s is “Give the lady what she wants.” This sign holder–also holding her child–is a play on that. Give the baby what he wants! Ha!

This fellow has a slightly darker take on the name change.

The event was sponsored by FieldsFansChicago.org.

I love working downtown. Odd things happen all the time.